Grape Wine Recipe


4 Kgs Dark Black Grapes; 
4 Bottles or 4 litres Water (Boiled & Cooled); 
4 Kgs Sugar; 
2 Eggs – Whites only; 
2 Ounces of liquid Yeast or 2 tbspns. of Dry Yeast granules; 
A handful of whole wheat; 
Sugar for colouring – ½ - ¾ cup. 
  • PREP 60 mins
  • COOK 60 mins
  • READY IN 60 mins
  • YIELD 10


Clean & wash grapes well removing stalks, crush nicely with hand until you get a good purple color. 
Place the crushed grapes in a ceramic jar with half the quantity of sugar (i.e. 2 kgs Sugar), add water, egg whites, yeast & wheat – mix well & keep airtight for 21 days – stirring well every alternative day. 
After 21 days strain away the grape pulp mixture, add the balance sugar to the wine – mix well & keep airtight for another 21 days to ferment. 
Now filter the wine (you could use a muslin cloth & strain the wine) – keep aside. Take a wok add the sugar kept for colouring (1/2 –3/4 Cup) – place on fire & go on stirring till the sugar melts & becomes dark brown/black in colour - but do not allow it to burn – now add about 5-7 tbsps Of hot water to this syrup little at a time & mix well, add this syrup to the wine & mix well – store the wine in a clean jar & use.

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